2013 - Nights of Fright

Thirteen nights of fright!

Ever been to a really SCARY HAUNTED HOUSE?

No one, Nobody, delivers a better scare,
a better laugh, a better haunted house
experience than the Hacker House.

We bring the frights, you bring the screams.
It's a match made for Halloween!

Scream all night with the monsters of Hacker House.
Creatures great and small, both living,
and beyond the grave, await you.
This is Hacker House, the best haunted house anywhere.

So, grab a body, bring a fiend, and come on out to the Hacker House
for the BEST haunted house experience in the region - PERIOD.


Yes, We're SCARY - This Is THE Haunted House.


Hacker House


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Want To Scare Someone?

The Hacker House

This haunted house IS Scary!
Haunted House Den The Hacker House is unique. Its particular brand of entertainment cannot be experienced anywhere else! The Hacker House is a Haunted House with a legend that extends from centuries past right up to the present.   Don't be fooled by other locations in the area that spin a tale of Europe, dungeons of old or have collections of movie characters staring at you. From the entry to the exit, you will be startled, stalked, tricked and teased. This is best dark, scary, squishy fun you'll find anywhere.
This self guided tour begins with a visit to the courtyard where Granny Hacker's shack still stands. Your greeters introduce you to your experience with our spirits. Haunted House MorguePay close attention as their advice, as it could mean your very survival. Once inside the house you'll descend ever deeper into the Doctor's obsession. You can only hope his appetite for new subjects is temporarily satisfied while you're inside. New and different parts of the house assault your senses as you wind your way through the horrors within. There is safety in numbers, as stragglers are often lost forever. Your curiousity may be your undoing.
If you survive the house, your tour takes you outside to visit the recently re-opened graveyard, crypts and grounds where your only thought is to find a way out. But that's only the beginning. The Hacker property lies next to the old town limits, and what once was the way out is the way into another frightening experience. The crazies, monsters and creatures that once inhabited the house have been forced out and have taken over the town, lurking for new victims. They have have been adding their own twists to the town, changing it to fit their desires. You have to find your way through to escape the horrors that lie in the Hacker House and in HackerTown - but they are not going to make it easy... no, not by a long shot!

If you haven't been here, you haven't been scared.

We Do Fright Right

And we will enjoy your Screams!

Hacker House Open
8pm - 11pm
(see Dates)
Fright Time is Here!   The full-on, in-your-face, pull-out-all-the-stops, dark, scary, squishy, creepy, high-intensity Hacker House experience.   Not for the squeamish - or the timid.

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Hacker House


Available at our Ticket Booth (cash only), or
Order Online
Save $5 off the regular ticket price,
see Dates for SuperSaver nights!

Note: Tickets for SuperSaver nights are only available on-site at the ticket booth.

Fast Pass Upgrade $5 Avoid the lines! Requires a Regular Admission. Available Online, and at our Ticket Booth.

There are no refunds on ticket purchases.

Online Purchases:

  • Bring the printed proof of purchase page to the On-Line window at the Ticket Booth, with your photo id, to exchange for your Hacker House ticket.
  • Online sales are managed through www.ticketleap.com.


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Scare Someone!

Scare Someone - Send them this Video!

Join the ultimate role play adventure! We are always looking for talented individuals to play at the Hacker House. If you're interested, please apply. Acting at the Hacker House is a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet new people while scaring others. To find out more about being a part of the Hacker House Cast, send an email to Dr. Hacker to get more information!


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The Hacker House. Its THE Haunted House in North Carolina.

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