The Hacker House Haunted House

The Hacker legend renews itself approximately every 70 to 80 years. What little we know about the Hacker legend has been passed down from grandparents to their grandchildren - and to their grandchildren after them. The locals think it's the Hacker family that's disturbed. They don't know it's the place itself that generates the infamous legend. Strange events have been occurring at this place for as far back as we have records . The Hackers were merely tools through which the malignancy manifests itself.

Hacker lore is sketchy, vague, and riddled with embellishments. Records exist of terrible events occurring here, but over the decades and even centuries, details are generations are born... and much is lost to time. Were it not for a tiny handful of families whose ties to the area go back many generations, each new and strange occurrence at the Hacker property would go unlinked to the last - an odd singular event as opposed to a long string of misfortune. But that is only what is whispered at late night gatherings around campfires to scare youngsters. There have been many horrible occurrences at the Hacker House property over the decades, and the most often told stories detail a series of events that leads us right to the present.

Hacker House Haunted House Timeline

Over the years, there are many stories about this place.
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The Hacker House. Its THE Haunted House in North Carolina.

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