Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hacker House?

The Hacker House Haunted House is a unique adventure in the dark designed to entertain you at every turn. The high quality of the Hacker House sets it apart from any other event. Filled with spooky scenery, amazing illusions, and scary surprises, the Hacker House is the finest haunted house adventure in North Carolina! The Hacker House is a combined indoor-outdoor event with a large indoor haunted house and greatly expanded outdoor walking trails. Find out more about this season in our Event Information section.

When is the best day to attend?

The Hacker House is open Friday and Saturday nights October. Check the Dates & Times page for details.

When are you open?  Where are you located?

The Hacker House is open Friday and Saturday nights in October. Our operating times are from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Please see our Dates and Times page! We may close early due to weather or other factors. Please call our FrightLine for the latest information.
We are located just outside of Pilot Mountain, NC one mile from Main Street down Old Westfield Road on Hacker House Trail, about 12 miles south of Mount Airy, 20 miles north of Winston-Salem and 35 miles northwest of Greensboro. Go to our detailed directions for maps and more information.

Can I bring my children to Hacker House?

The Hacker House is an intense scary experience and generally not recommended for small children. We are scary entertainment. We tell ghost stories, horror stories, and produce an intense role playing environment. Use your own discretion if you choose to allow your children to enter. If you want to bring younger children to Hacker House, be sure your child knows the difference between fantasy and reality. All children (and adults!) have different "scare" tolerances, and you know your child best. If your child keeps you up all night with nightmares - we warned you. Keep in mind, we are SCARY entertainment!

How long will it take me to experience Hacker House?

Most people plan to spend an average of 2-3 hours to enjoy the happenings at Hacker House, including waits in line on busy nights. The time you spend may vary depending on crowds, the size of your group, and waiting times. On Saturdays, our busiest nights, plan on spending more time for your visit.

TIP: to minimize your wait, visit early in the month on a Friday night!

Where do I Park?

After you turn off the main road into the Hacker House Haunted House, please follow the parking directions. Our fiendly parking director, Nono, will direct you to the closest parking space possible.

Can I take pictures or videos inside?

Sorry, but photography or video are not allowed inside the Hacker House. The spirits inside do not react well to bright lights...It not only hurts their eyes, but ruins the experience for others, and can cause safety problems. Also, if you're distracted by your camera, you won't be able to enjoy the all the scary fun! Cameras may be left at the souvenir booth (with drivers license as proof of ownership) for safe-keeping, or you can leave your camera in the car for your tour through the Hacker House. Once back outside the event, get your camera and feel free to be a shutter-bug. If you are inside the event taking photos or video, you will be ejected.

Ok, I could not make it through... Do I get my money back?

Our policy is no refunds. If you did not make it in the door, then your ticket will still be good for a pass on another night when you are ready for the experience. However, each situation is unique, and will be looked into with all attempts in your behalf.

What's the waiting time like... I've drove past before, and there was a long line...

You only need to walk 20 feet from the ticket booth to enter the Hacker House experience. We have added an extended Courtyard area that you may not want to leave! Listen as your guides and Granny Hacker relate the legend and other macabre stories. You don't even want to know what Ralph is 'up' to.  Then there's the 'helpful' staff to watch and listen to and experience... all before you get to the really scary part!

How can I avoid the lines?

There's several ways to avoid the lines:

I've seen a hearse in the area. Is that yours?

Yes! Our Frightrides are frequently out in the area promoting our events. Our characters regularly give away flyers, buttons and free tickets to the Hacker House. If you pass one of them on the road, blow your horn! If you see the Frightrides stopped, please ask for 'Fright Stuff''. Who knows what special prizes you may receive!

I read a sign about not entering if you have health problems (i.e. heart, asthma, etc), pregnancy, on medication or have been drinking/using drugs... Is this a gimmick?

No, we are serious. We use artificial fog that may cause a reaction to asthmatics that are sensitive to their environment. The scares inside will raise your heart rate and blood pressure, and we use electronic equipment. Strobe lights may trigger an epileptic response to those prone to seizure. Loud noises are everywhere. Walk carefully, there may be uneven ground under your feet.
We warn our guests so they can inform us so we can take extra precautions with their group. We will provide an escort that is an EMT, Paramedic or First Responder if necessary. They will make every effort to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time.

NOTE: If you are impaired by drinking heavily or drug use, we will not allow you to enter for your own safety and ours.

If we feel you are under the influence of drugs, we may not allow you to enter. However, your pass will be good for another time when you are sober. And if you feel the need to challenge that decision, police officers are on staff to help... And yes, they are real police officers. And please, don't drink and drive!

What should I wear?

The Hacker House is an Indoor and an OUTDOOR event, located at the edge of the foothills of North Carolina. October evenings can get downright chilly (and sometimes muddy!). PLEASE dress accordingly in WARM clothes and comfortable walking shoes or boots.

What about the weather?

Hacker House is open on Friday and Saturday in October, 8:00 -11:00 PM. We do open in most weather. If there is severe weather, call the Hacker House 24-Hour Frightline at (336) 351-DARK to confirm that we will be open before you drive out. Rain outs will not be called until after 6:00pm. If you already have purchased tickets, they are still valid through October 31st, 2011.
There are NO REFUNDS on tickets.

Where are there other haunted houses?

We maintain an on-line listing of the best haunted entertainment in the region at:

At the Hacker House, we display posters and flyers for other area events.
We encourage you to tell us about other attractions so we can let everyone know where they can go for scary fun! If you know about a haunted trail, hayride, haunted house, festival, or other Halloween activity, please let us know at the souvenir booth when you visit, by calling our FrightLine and leaving a message, send us an email, or stop by and leave a poster, flyers or coupons. We'll be happy to spread the word. Its more scary fun for everyone!

Where can I learn more about haunted houses and haunted attractions?


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