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The Hacker Casket Company sits right next to the old family cemetery.  Rumor has it that a string of mysterious disappearances shut the place down years ago, but it still seems to run to this day.  Oxana Petya runs the show here, and this mad Russian is always looking for fresh bodies to fill her undead workforce…or her newly-made caskets.  Let’s hope your interview here goes south.
Make it out of The Factory alive, and you’re done, right?  Those blazing headlights around the corner might beg to differ.  The vile residents of a shanty town built on Hacker property don’t exactly take kindly to new visitors, and they’re not afraid to show you a little “Hacker Hospitality.”  Especially the town mechanic, who likes to say his own little hello with a really, REALLY big chainsaw.
Are you in the mood to make new friends?  Bunny’s in the mood to make new friends, and she doesn’t take “no” for an answer!  If you want to survive Bunny’s Playtime, we hope you’re willing to play a few deadly games.  We also hope you love giant bloodthirsty rabbits.
The Voodoo Queen Bondye still haunts the old Hacker Swamp, hoping to mass an army of the damned in order to conquer the Hacker land for good.  Avoid her followers and her diabolical charm, and you just might leave this place alive.  One more thing…make sure you don’t lose your head in the sawmill.