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This old place has claimed many a lost soul who let their curiosity get the best of them…and now it’s hungry for yours!  The diabolical Digger and his minions are more than happy to let you wander these dark, dusty halls.  Be warned, however, once you’re inside, they have no plans to let you go.  If you’re lucky, you might just survive your trip through with your life and (most of) your wits intact.  Don’t get comfortable, however, as your night is just starting.
Step into the old lab of Dr. Johnas Hacker and be greeted by the smell of fresh blood and rotting flesh.  Dr. Luther Kildorkian continues to carry out the atrocious experiments pioneered by the Hacker family…only he’s willing to go one step further.  Can you survive coming face-to- face with Kildorkian’s ravenous “patients” and overzealous “staff?”  Maybe, but if you do, you’ll meet the good Doctor himself.  He’s not quite as willing to let you go without a little “checkup.”
Just beyond the Doctor’s lab lies the Hacker Burial Grounds.  It’s the final resting place for the Hacker clan as well as many of their victims…but not quite everyone lies in peace.  The vengeful dead who roam these grounds are just looking for someone new to satiate their lust for blood.  Worse still?  The caretakers who are looking to fill the gaping holes left by those corpses who stalk the night.  Move quickly through these unhallowed grounds - and be sure to watch your step.